Pick up the phone. It's more business calling.

Live, targeted, inbound calls to your phone

There are a ton of ways that you can market your business, but the quickest way to get more business is to be willing to invest in a solid customer acquisition channel. Click to calls is the fastest way to get more people who need what you have to offer, period.

The most effective form of digital advertising

We know, ballsy statement, right?

We're not saying that because we're trying to disrupt an industry or say that other methods don't work. 
They absolutely do, BUT click to call advertising when done properly will be the greatest asset to your business.

The reason for this is based around the nature of the medium used to deliver those calls: paid advertising. Paid ads, regardless of the platform, will deliver customers who meet your criteria, whether it's demographic and interest targeting on Facebook, or knowing the buyer keywords people are typing away into the search engines, it all has the exact same end goal: Get the phone to ring, non-stop.

Our ads team is fantastic at what they do, which is find the people that match what your business does, and then deliver as many of them as your budget will allow every single month. It's that simple.

The Technical stuff that makes the calls happen

In simplest terms, we have proven ads that we've run across over 20 industries that have been campaigns that we've considered "successful". We know, that's a pretty broad term to assign to an advertising campaign, but it's true.

We only keep the ads in our system that we've been able to dial in and bring home the bacon for our clients. Anything less than that is unacceptable in our book, so we strive to get the phone ringing as quickly as possible to make the largest difference in your business as possible.

The method behind the madness is using highly focused and laser targeted advertising in your area that are focused solely on getting the phone to ring, known as Click to Call Ads.


This is accomplished across a lot of major platforms natively, and some of our methodologies involve a practice known as Single Keyword Ad Groups, commonly known as SKAGs in the advertising community.

These ads do what they say, they focus on one particular keyword per group of ads run, so that excess spend can be trimmed as early as possible and delegated to the successful ones that are delivering calls. In this fashion, ads can be culled early on and get to the gold as fast as possible, usually within 1-2 months of running a campaign with a sustainable budget.

Examples of past successful campaigns

Water Damage and restoration

This campaign was highly successful over the 4 year run the client had with our services delivering calls. They covered a large portion of South Florida in a few counties they let us know they wanted to service customers in, and we dialed in the campaign until the numbers were coming in solidly for their business, and they were forced to expand.

water Damage and Restoration 

The previous chart may be a bit to take in, but we segmented out a week's worth of calls to show the average number of service calls coming into their business while we were delivering calls directly to them. An average of 35 calls per week for a restoration company is no small feat, and given the market rate for those leads ($500/lead industry average), this allowed them to grow extremely fast and continue seeing record months as we continued to expand service areas.

Roofing Company

Another campaign that was highly successful, this client wanted to amp up their presence and their business within one county. So, naturally we started working with them in order to hit their growth goals over the course of a 4 year timespan. As we started delivering quality calls to them which they converted to jobs, they started purchasing more trucks and teams to meet the demand that we were able to create for them.

Roofing Company

Another week pulled from the call tracking data shown for an example here, this client was receiving 35 service calls per week on average once we were able to fine tune and zero in on their target customers and deliver only those people directly to their dispatch team to book those jobs. This was a joint effort between our team and their dispatch team to ensure success for the calls and increasing their closure rate.

Automotive Dent repair

A campaign that we were proud of being able to deliver results for was a mobile dent repair business, again in South Florida. The volume of these calls may seem a bit high, but the average ticket for these jobs is substantially smaller than the previous two, which are more of an emergency service than dent repair is. Nevertheless, we were able to dial in exactly what they needed and deliver!

automotive dent repair

Breaking down the monthly bars into a weekly representation once again, the number of calls coming in for mobile dent repair were exceptional for this client, and he was thrilled to not be waiting around all day for someone to call him or for a shop to send him a referral. As long as a client is willing to work with us and is open to us helping them improve their business, we're able to help them scale as far or as fast as they can handle.