Site Maintenance, Optimization & management

Your site is your salesman. Let's keep it humming along.

We deliver lead generation services for local, service-based businesses that aid in acquiring more customers by delivering a top-notch agency experience without breaking the bank.

We are built to scale and grow with you, not the other way around. 

Proactive Problem Solving

Like any high-performance system, your WordPress website needs regular upkeep and maintenance in order to keep dominating. 

Between all the search engine upgrades that happen, hackers, competitors, spammers, and the internet in general looking for a way to exploit and monetize your hard work and your business, staying on top of the changes as they happen can get tiring and too much. 

We've been working in WordPress for nearly 15 years, and have seen our share of the good and the bad when a site is left untended for too long. 

We'll take all of that off your plate and keep everything humming along like the day you got it handed off from your web designer. Speed, performance and security are a triple threat within our skill set. 

Let us take care of your system, so you can get back to doing what you do and not worrying about the other stuff. Get your peace of mind back with our Monthly Maintenance packages.

What's in the box?!?

Monthly Website Reports

Uptime Monitoring

Theme and plugin updates

Site Vulnerability check

cloud backups

Google Analytics

image optimization

Monthly Wordpress Maintenance - $49/mo