About Local Lead Launcher

The Origin Story

A long time ago, on a server far far away....

Okay, maybe not. Sounded good though, right?

Anyway, here's how Local Lead Launcher came to be. 

A digital marketer, a director of client success from one of the largest international digital marketing agencies, a SAAS company owner, and an agency owner got together one afternoon for drinks on an outdoor patio in a city in Florida. 

Each one aired their concerns with each of theri industries, and decided to sit down and map out the best of the best strategies from each of their respective backgrounds, and came up with a plan to get service-based businesses the leads, calls, and customers that each of the 25+ industries they had worked with for years had been begging for. 

They all came to one common conclusion: the standard agency model wasn't cutting it for a lot of the clients they had worked with. Clients were extremely unhappy with the larger providers in the digital agency space, and the four of them got to the bottom of each of those industry titans, and came up with scalable and affordable solutions that a company could be satisfied with, scale with, and not be locked into some crazy contract with "standard issue" results. 

And so, Local Lead Launcher was born, a trifecta of the services a business of any size would need in order to hit their growth goals and have the kind of successful business they got into their respective industries to run when they first started. All of the items they needed to hit their numbers, with none of the overhead or bloat that a standard agency needs, since most of them are white-labeling someone else's services and marking them up to make a profit. 

They developed software, systems, automation triggers, back end fulfillment processes, growth goals, and a killer stack to get those small businesses exactly what they had signed up for. A combined 45 years in the industry, all wrapped up in a shiny, affordable package for even the smallest of businesses starting up to follow their passion for service and quality work for their customers. 

And so, the four made the luxury agency experience without the frills, fancy bells and whistles, overhead of marking up someone elses' work and passing it off as their own, or annual contracts. They hated that. Everything else in the digital age was heading to a monthly subscription model, why hadn't anybody offered that to small businesses? 

The only reasoning the four could come up with was simply because the bulk majority of the people in the industry just couldn't figure it out, or didn't want to help clients of that caliber. So, they filled the gap and made it a simple checkout process that puts the business owner back to working on their business instead of working in it every day, allowing them time to take the leads and customers they were aiming for in the first place. 

We think what we've developed will help solve your growth problems, and we invite you to take a look and see all the options that Local Lead Launcher has to offer your business to get back on track and make your agency an asset, not a liability. If you'd like to get a taste of true market supremacy while being able to have more of your time back, we invite you to check out our services and see if we're a good fit for the goals you're trying to hit. 

Thanks for checking us out.

Much love, 

The LocalLeadLauncher.com team.